Select view to be used for mobile projects (Beta Feature)

This beta feature allows Portal Admins to set what saved view is shown for a user on mobile. Please note that when using this feature, it will override any sort setting that is currently set such as "Managers only see assigned work" and "Hide completed projects" on a user's SiteCapture mobile app. Once the portal admin has set the view, the user will need to sync on mobile to see the projects in this view. 


1. Portal Admins will need to set the mobile views.  The first step is to decide if you need a new view with unique criteria, or if you have an existing view that will be utilized. If you need to create a new view or views please refer to this guide which will walk you through that process.

2. Once the view is set up, go to Admin>Users. Select the user to whom you will be assigning a specific mobile view.

3. Next to "Types and Saved Views", click on Manage. 


4. Under "Mobile View" click on the drop down menu. 

. Screen_Shot_2022-02-03_at_1.35.42_PM.png

5. Select the view that you would like to set for the user and click "Close". 


6. When the user opens the mobile app, they will need to sync and will now see the view (e.g., Due this week) that you set. Only projects that meet the criteria defined in the view that you have set for the individual user will appear in their project list on mobile. They can use the search feature (iOS or Android) to search for other projects not shown in the view when they need to find another project and are out in the field.



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