Manage Items (Beta Feature)

An early BETA version of our "Manage Items" feature allows only Portal Admin and Manager users to:

  • View items in a more compact table form
  • Group and sort items in different ways
  • Multi-select many items and take actions on them
  • Export to CSV and Download PDF
  • View item photos
  • View subtotals for groups

1. Open a project that has items and click on the "manage items" icon left of the photo viewer icon. The number next to the icon shows you how many items are in the project. 




2. A new window will open up and you will have the option to group by Field Group Name, Service Category, Field Names, or No Grouping. Click on the icons and you will see the icon highlight blue. 



3. To close the grey "group by view menu" on the left, click on the arrow at the top. To open the menu click on the three horizontal lines at the top. See screenshots below.

4. To view the photos, click on the photo icon. The number indicates how many photos were taken in the item. 


To exit the photo viewer, click on the x in the top right corner. 



5. If you would like to sort the items by one of the columns (shown in screenshot below), click on the column name and you will see the up and down arrow.


6. To copy items to a new project, export items to CSV, Download items to a PDF, or Delete items, click on the boxes to the left of the items you want to take action on OR click the box at the top to select all and then click on the button for the action you would like to take (shown in the screenshot below). More on each action below...


7. Click on "Copy to" if you want to copy the selected items. Choose a template and check the box on what you want to copy. Click on "Copy" or "Copy and go to the copy". Click "Close" if you don't want to copy the selected items. 


8. Click on "Export to CSV" after selecting the items and it will download the file to your computer. 

9. Click on "Download PDF" and the report modal will appear. Select the report, user role, photos, and if you want them timestamped and then click on "Get Report". 


10. Click on "Delete" if you want to delete the selected items. A modal will appear to confirm you want to delete the items. Click on "Close" if you do not want to delete the items. 


11. To exit the managed items, click on the X at the top right corner. 


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