Filtering and Sorting

1. To filter and/or sort work, press on the filter icon on the top right. 



2. You can filter projects by Due Date, Status, Type, and Sort. 



3. Press on "Status" and you can filter by the project statuses. Select the status and then press "Apply. 



4. Press on "Type" and you can filter by the types. Press on Apply after selecting the type. 



5. Press on "Sort" and you have the options to sort by Name, Oldest First, Newest First, Due Date, Priority, Status, and Distance if you are geocoding the projects. Press on "Apply" after making your selection. 



6. After pressing "Apply" the filters selected will appear under the search bar and the filter icon will be blue. You can adjust the filter by pressing the button (date range, type, etc.) at the top, making a different selection and clicking "apply"."



7. If you want to start a new filter, tap on "Clear" to reset everything. 





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