Creating a data view

A Data View aggregates information from multiple Reports. This is a premium feature. Please contact if you are interested in this feature.

1. Go to Admin>Data Views.


2. Click on "Add a data view".


3. Enter a name for your data view and add the field keys from your template for each table (data, totals, and averages). Below are the additional field keys that you can include and make sure you enter them with all lowercase letters.

Field Keys:




























4. To add a clickable link to the project from the data view, enter the field key "project_id" as one of your fields in the data table.


5. Each column can be sorted by clicking on the title.


6. To get a csv file of the downloadable data view, click on "Export" on the top left.

7. To exit out of the data view, click on the "x" on the top right corner.

8. Access your saved Data Views by clicking the (•••) menu on any saved View or Search Results.



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