Copying Views to a New Vendor

Using vendor keys, you can now copy views from an existing vendor to a new vendor.

1. Log in as portal admin and create an example vendor (see Adding and Creating Vendors) and then login as that vendor and set up the standard views (see Creating Views for Vendor Admins) that you would like to copy to new vendors.

2. After setting up the views, log out and log back in as portal admin. Navigate to vendors, locate the vendor and click on "Edit" on the right. Give that vendor a vendor key like "example-vendor" and click save.

You can now copy that vendor's view to any new vendors you create.

3. When inviting a new vendor that should have those standard views, enter the vendor key assigned to the vendor you created in the first two steps. In this case it will be: "example-vendor". Enter that key in the "Copy views from vendor with vendor key of:" box


4. That new vendor will have views copied from example vendor. 
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