Syncing FAQ for Android

  1. Go to your Sync Status screen. (Press the three bars in top left and click Sync Status screen) 
  2. If there is a link that says  "Start syncing now”, press that and see if it restarts the syncing.
  3. If it says Sync In Progress, see if the numbers next to Fields and Media are going down.
  4. If the sync is not progressing, try and quit your app and restart and try the steps above again.
  5. If these steps have not resolved your sync issue, please email with your username and details of your issue.

Other notes:

  • If your phone goes to sleep or your app goes into the background when you open another app, the sync can be paused.  We recommend you keep the app open and make sure your phone doesn't go to sleep until after the syncing is complete.
  • Please check what app version is installed and upgrade to the latest version 4.3.0 if you have not upgraded yet.


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