Dynamically displaying Services by Category with Service Selection Field

Dynamic Line Items can contain cost calculations of the services you have set up in your FotoNotes  portal. Dynamic Items and Services are premium features. For more information please email support@fotonotes.com

To use the Service Select field you will need to set up  dynamic item field groups (learn more here) .

If you would like to also be able to calculate service costs by market learn more here.

Services can also be added individually (not by category) using a selection field. Learn more here: Adding Services to Dynamic Item field groups

Setting up your Service Select field

1. Within your field group with dynamic items, add a Service Selection field type that will be used for selecting the service for this field group. Service Selection fields get populated dynamically into your project with the services you have added in your portal that have the specified category.


2. Make sure the workflow field is set to "Line Item Service Key".


3. Add categories to the box on the right, separating each category name with a comma. To add all categories add one comma to the box on the right. Make sure the name of the category exactly matches the category associated with your services. You can double check the names of the categories by clicking on the gear in the top right, selecting services and looking at the Category column.


4. Choose the field settings that are appropriate for your workflow, i.e. you may want to make this a required field and allow comments.

5. Add a Units field. This can be an integer field type and the workflow field should be "Line Item Services Units".


6. Add a Cost/Estimate field. This will be a dollar amount field type and the workflow field should be set to "Line Item Service Cost". We also recommend that this field is "Admin Only".


7. In additional to the fields above, you can add work description, photos or anything else you would like but they are not required to calculate the service cost.


These service dynamic items are now ready to be used. Services associated with the categories you entered in the Service Selection field will now display in the project in this field named Work Type. When an item is selection in the service selection field and a unit is entered the cost/estimate will automatically be generated.

Portal admins have the ability to override the service cost if needed.


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