Adding Service Markets

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To calculate services based on market you will need to add a market field to your new or existing dynamic line items template. That template must also include a Service Selection field, learn more here.

When using markets to calculate service costs, be sure you users select or enter the market before adding services. If the user does not, services for all markets will appear.

Setting up your Market Field

1. In your template with dynamic item field groups, create a new Market field. This field should be a text or selection field and the workflow field should be "Coverage Area". Usually this field is located at the top of the work order with the address and/or other overview information.


If you are using a selection field please ensure that the values exactly match the Market values in your services. To check. click the gear in the top right, click on services and locate the market names in the market column.

2. Save the field. After testing the updates/changes to your template click publish. Now, you will see a market field for any NEW work create from that template.

3. The user should first select or enter the market in that field or it should be pre-populated before the project is assigned.  In this example, when the user opens the Service Selection field called Work Type they will only see services associated with that Market and the categories that were specified in that Service Selection field in the template editor.


































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