Adding, Editing & Deleting Services

Services are a premium feature and must be turned on by FotoNotes. Please contact us at

This article details how to add and edit services individually. If you are looking to import a catalog of services, or updates to your catalog of services, learn more here.

1. To add a service individually go to Admin>Services. Click on "Add a Service". 


2. Fill out the Service Name (required), Service Key (required), Description, Category, Market (if needed), Unit (required), Default Quantity (if needed), Unit Cost ($), Unit Labor Cost ($) (if needed), Unit Material Cost ($) (if needed), User Can Override Costs, User Can Override Quantity. You can find a full explanation of each field here:




3. The Description and Unit label will always be shown. Find more information on setting up your templates to dynamically generate price line items here.


4. The service will appear in the list and you can sort each category by clicking on the labels. 


5. To edit the service, click on the blue edit icon.


6. To delete the service, click on the red trash can icon. 


7. Click "Delete" to delete the service or Cancel.


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