Importing Services

This feature has to be turned on by FotoNotes. Please contact

1. Prepare the service import CSV file by using the example spreadsheet below. The first row is the header and must have all of these columns. The 2nd row and below will contain your data. You can also update service data with an import. If a service exists with the service key specified in the import file, it will update the service data.Screen_Shot_2020-02-01_at_10.04.43_AM.png

2. Once the csv file is ready and the feature has been turned on by FotoNotes go to Admin>Services. Click on "Import Services". 


3. Click on "select file" and choose your csv file.


4. Confirm the file and click "Import".


5. After your services are uploaded you have the ability to edit them by clicking on the blue edit icon on the right. 


6. Make any edits and click "Save".


7. If you want to delete a service, click on the red trash can icon. Another confirmation box will appear and click "Delete" or Cancel. 


8. If you need to "Delete ALL" services, click on the 3 dots. 


9. Click "Delete All Services". 


10. A confirmation box will appear and you need to check the box and then click "Delete All". Please be aware that this cannot be undone.


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