Dynamic Items

If your administrator has set up dynamic items you will see these in the section of your work order/project in blue font as "Add New...". 

1. You will see the dynamic items in a section and click on the "Add New..." blue button. This will be named different things depending on the section name and how the template was set up.


2. Fill out the all of the fields. 


3. If there is an item selection field click on select and choose a service item. You can also search for an item in the search box. Press Done after choosing the service and the new item will be created. More on adding multiple line items here.


4. If you see a cost calculation you can calculate the cost by clicking the 2 grey arrows below. 


5. Once you have completed all of the available fields you can click the back button. You can review the completed item or add another repair by clicking on "Add New...". 


6. If you want to delete the dynamic item, swipe to the left until the red delete button appears. Click "Delete". 


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