Adding Field Groups with Dynamic Items

This is a beta feature. Please contact for more information on using this feature.

Dynamic Items are fields defined in a field group within a section of a template. Once defined, these dynamic items (or group of fields) can be added to an individual work order as they are needed. Field groups can contain multiple dynamic item fields. 

For example, you may create a field group for estimate line items, repair items, punchlist items, or equipment items.  Users can then easily add items with the click of a button.

1. Go to Admin>Templates. Select an existing template to add dynamic fields or create a brand new template. Navigate to the section in which you would like to create a field group, click on the ... icon and select "Add new field group".


2. Enter a name for your field group and click "Add Field Group".


3. Click on the + icon to add a new field for your field group. You can add Cost Calculations and Services to field groups. 


4. This is an example of what the dynamic items will look like via the web app. Click on "Add New Item" and you will see it appear.


5. The dynamic item fields will be added and available for users to complete. Please note field users will most likely be the ones completing this information on mobile (for fields that are not admin only or hidden from field user). View the iOS guide here. View the Android guide here.

You can delete an item by clicking on “Delete this item” at the bottom of the item.


6. We have a pdf report "Full Photo and Data with Items" that is customized for these dynamic items. Please choose this report if you are using this feature. 


7. Below is an example of what the Full Photo and Data with Items report looks like. The area in the red box is an example of how the dynamic items will display in the report. This may look different depending on what types of fields you have in your line items. 


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