Best Use Practices & Helpful Tips 

For Field Users:

Forgot your password? You can reset your password if you can’t remember it. 

Reset your password using the web app

Reset your password in Android

Reset your password in iOS

Forgot your username? Please contact your administrator.

No work orders showing? Please contact your administrator and ask if they assigned you any work yet.

Having sync issues? If you have a lot of photos to sync it can take a while and it will depend on the speed of your connection. If this doesn’t resolve the issue please send us a sync report (iOS users) or email Also check with your administrator to make sure the work was not re-assigned.

Syncing is slow? We recommend syncing over a wifi connection when you can. 

Experiencing blurry photos? We recommend that you hold your device in one place and wait a few seconds after pressing the shutter until you move the device again. 

Battery Saving Tips for iOS:

Battery Saving Tips for Android: 


For Portal Admins:

Recommended browsers to use when logging into the web app: Chrome, Firefox & Safari 

Settings & Template Changes: When making any changes to settings or templates via the web app, we recommend that you refresh your browser to see the new changes. You will need to have your iOS users press “Refresh Configuration” in the FotoNotes app on their mobile device and have Android mobile users log out and back in to the mobile app as long as they have completed syncing all work to see the new changes. 

Templates and field keys: We recommend that you leave the field key blank and let the system auto generate one to avoid duplicate field keys which can cause issues

Do you want to copy an existing template to create a new template? Learn more here

Geocoding addresses? If you would like to add gps mapping to your projects, you can either do a mass import which will automatically geocode the projects or you can also manually geocode each project. Learn more here

Would you like to copy an existing project/work? Learn more here

Do you want to limit users to specific types of work? Learn more here

Would you like to send email notifications when you assign new work? Learn how to set various email notifications here. 

Do you want to download multiple reports at once? Try our batch reports feature. Learn more here.

Deleting users versus disabling: We always recommend that you disable a user. This allows you to re-enable the user in the future. Deleting a user will not allow you to re-enable the user at a later date or use that username again.  Learn more here

Photos aren’t clear enough? We have a high resolution and super high resolution photo feature. Learn more here.

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