Creating work and attaching it to a container on mobile

This video pertains to customers who use container projects which is a special set up. These
customers must request that the ability to attach to containers on mobile be turned on. Please contact if you have questions or would like to use this set up for mobile.


  1. From the FotoNotes mobile app click on the plus sign in the top right to create new work.


  2. Select a template from the list for the type of work you would like to create and click next.

  3. Begin typing the container (property) address and hit search. You can type a portion or all of the address. A list of containers (properties) will appear. Select the correct container (property) and click create.


  4. A new work order will be created and populated with information from the container (property) record, i.e. address, property ID, etc. You can now complete the work order.








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