Creating & Adding Tags


This feature allows Portal Admins to create a set of custom tags and apply tags to projects. Only the following users can add tags to a project: Portal Admins, Managers, and users who have been granted admin access to the project.

1. Portal admins can go to the Admin>Settings.


2. Scroll to the bottom and enter the new tags. Click on "Add tag".


3. You can delete a tag by clicking on the blue x and clicking on "Delete" on the pop up.


4. After you have added your tags, you can now add these tags to projects/work. Click on the 3 dots and then hover the mouse over "tag project with:". To add tags, the user must either have admin access to the project, or be an Admin or Manager user.


5. Click on the tag you wish to add to the project.



6. The tag will appear highlighted yellow. If you want to remove the tag click on the blue x.


Bulk tagging and bulk removal of tags


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