Managing Templates



1. Go to Admin>Templates. You now see various states of your template. They will be either be in the states of Published, Draft, or Inactive.



2. In the Actions column you have the choice to View the template or Edit the templates that are in Draft mode. Published templates can only be viewed and when you click on the 3 dots to the right you have the option to revise, create new from, show other version of the template, and/or export to a template file.



4. To make changes to a template, choose Revise. Select "Create New Version".



5. The new version is in "Draft" mode and you can now make your revisions. After you made your revisions, you have the choice to Test, Publish, or Delete the template (you can only delete inactive templates that have no projects associated to the templaet).



6. We recommend you test the new revisions before you publish the template. Click "Continue".



7. A test project has now been created for you to try out the revisions.


8. After you are done testing your revisions and go back to the Template page. If you click on Edit on the template you are currently revising, a pop up will appear that gives you the option to keep your test projects and publish the template or delete the test projects and continue editing.


9. You will now see that the that the "Construction Job Report" now has a version 2 that is Published. Click on the 3 dots if you want to see the previous version of the template.


10. You have the option to view the previous versions of the template and click on the 3 dots to create new from, revise, or export to a template file.



12. For templates in draft mode, you can edit the template and when you click on the 3 dots to the right you have the option to Test, Publish, Create New From, Show other Version, and/or Export to a template file.


13.  When you publish from the template list view, if you had test projects you will see the option to keep or delete these test projects before publishing.


14. To activate an inactive template click on "Show Inactive Templates". Click on the 3 vertical dots next to the inactive template you want to activate. Select "Activate". Click on confirm when the Activate this template pop up appears.



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