Creating Saved Views with Containers

This video pertains to clients who are using our container project set up. Please contact if you have questions or are interested in using containers in your web portal.

 1. From your dashboard view, click on the "Properties" type.


2. Click on "New Search".


3. Choose your search parameters and click "Search".


4. You will get back your search results, and to save the View click on the 3 dots and select "Save as new view".


5. Enter a name for your View and choose who can see the view. Click "Save".


6. You will see your new saved View under Views on the left column.


7. To favorite a view, click on the grey star until it turns yellow. This view is now under your favorites on the left column. To remove the favorite, just click on the star again.


8. To edit your Views and Favorites, click on the 3 vertical dots. Select from "Manage favorite views" or "Manage all views".


9. You can delete views by clicking the red X and you can re-arrange the views in order by hovering your mouse on the left side and sliding the views up and down.



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