Importing Container and Contained Projects

Setting up your Container Template

1. You can either create a new container template or use one that we have already created.

2. Data will only be copied from the property to the work order if the field keys match up and if "copy this when copying projects" is checked.


Setting up your Contained Template

1. A contained template will be used to create projects that are attached to a container. Please create the template/s that will be contained.

2. Once your template/s are ready you will need to contact for us to set up the containers.

Importing Container Data

There are two ways to do this:

1st way to Import Data:

  1. Export the template data from the portal by going to Advanced Search. Create a new search to include the container template. Export the search results. Please refer to this guide on how to export.

         a. The first row will be the field name.

         b. The second row is the corresponding field key.


2. Delete the data underneath the field keys (2nd row). Enter the new data that you wish to import.

3. You can also add new data columns to your import file for Status, Priority, Assign User, Customer, Manager, and Due Date. Please view our guide on how to do this.  

4. Export the file as a CSV.

2nd Way to Import Data

  1. Start by ensuring that your excel spreadsheet is a CSV file type
  2. Add two blank rows to the top of your spreadsheet
  3. Enter the field keys from the template in the 2nd row of the spreadsheet.


4. Enter the data underneath the field keys that you want to import.

Importing Contained Data/Work

To import a project under another, use a column called "container_id".  This column can either contain the FotoNotes ID of the container project (the one in the URL), or the "project key" which the customer has assigned to the project.


If you want to use the FotoNotes ID of the container, you can obtain it from the URL that is shown in your browser when you are viewing the container project.  The FotoNotes ID will always exist, whether the container was created manually or through an import.

Importing using a key

A project key can only be set by creating the project through an import.  So if you want to use the key for importing containees, you will first need to create the container with an import:

  1. Import the container first, with a "key" column containing the unique identifier.
  2. Import containees using the "container_id" column, which would have the key of the container.
  3. Do NOT pre-populate columns for the fields that copy over from the property.


1. Once the import spreadsheet is set up correctly (see Common Errors below before uploading) go to Admin> Import

2. Select the template and then select the import file (must be a .csv file) from your computer

3. An Import Summary will appear and show if there are any rows with errors. Error messages will be shown below the Import Summary. *If you have an error please see Common Errors below

4. If your total number of rows show in the Rows to be imported, you can select import.

5. Once the import is complete go to the Type where your template is located. You should now see a new work order/project for all of the data rows you imported

Common Errors

If there are errors in the import spreadsheet an error message will be displayed. Common errors include incorrectly formatted data:

  • All dates must be formatted as yyyMMdd (i.e. 20161231), MM/dd/yy, or yyyy-MM-dd
  • All Boolean values must be input into the import spreadsheet as TRUE or FALSE
  • Money field should NOT include the $ sign.
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