Advanced Search: Saving a View with Roles.

Advanced Search Views can now be saved with one of 4 different roles to specify who can see that View .

1. Admin: only viewable by Portal Admins and Basic Admins

2. Manager: only viewable by Manager, Read-only Manager, Basic Admins & Portal Admins

3. Vendor/Field User: viewable by vendors or field users

4. Everyone: viewable by everyone

Only portal admins and basic admins can save views/searches

Note: Managers will no longer see Vendor searches.

How to Save a View

1. After entering your search parameters, click on "Save as view". Give your view a name and select which role you want to see the search.


2. Click on Save and your new view will be added under Other Views. Portal admins will see the "V", "A", and "M" icons that appear next to the searches in the left sidebar.  Users in other roles will now only see views that are associated with their role.



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