Advanced Search: Saving a View with Roles

Advanced Search Views can now be saved with one of 5 different roles to specify which users can see that View.

1. Portal Admin: only viewable by Portal Admins and Basic Admins

2. Manager: only viewable by Manager, Read-only Manager, Basic Admins & Portal Admins

3. Vendor/Field User/User: viewable by field users, and users. Note: In the new UI these views will no longer be visible to vendors.

4. Everyone: viewable by everyone

5. Just me: only you can see this view

Only portal admins and basic admins can save views/searches. Managers can save views that only they can see.

How to Save a View

1. After entering your search parameters, click on the 3 grey dots and then click on "Save as new view". Give your view a name and select which role you want to see the search.



2. Click on Save and your new view will be added under More Views.




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