Workflow Types: Accept/Decline

Do you struggle with finding out too late that one of your sub-contractors cannot complete work you assigned to them? If getting paid is tied to your vendors getting work done on time, FotoNotes’ Accept/Decline workflow type is perfect for you.

Many of our customers take advantage of the Accept/Decline workflow so they can quickly see when work they’ve assigned has been acknowledged or rejected by their vendors.

FotoNotes’ Accept/Decline Workflow feature updates you sooner by requiring field users to accept or decline work assigned to them before they can start or cancel it. Using the Enhanced Dashboard you can set up Advanced Searches to quickly identify accepted and declined work. These custom searches allow you to keep track of work like “declined work due this week” or “work accepted today”. 

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If one of your users can not complete the work you’ve assigned to them they can mark the work order declined and will then be prompted to comment with additional information. Comments can capture reasons why the user was unable to accept the work, like “Outside of my geographical area” “Current work load is too large” or “This is outside of my expertise or certification”.

Now, you can reassign declined work and ensure it does not sit in your queue incomplete!

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