Exception Tagging

Automatically flag work for review 

Critical situations like emergency repairs, hazardous conditions or compliance issues can be automatically identified with our Exception Tagging feature allowing you to be instantly notified and address these issues sooner.

The tagged completed work that needs extra attention is grouped so you can quickly and easily locate it. Portal Admins can be notified immediately once their field user has marked work completed or closed.  FotoNotes’ Exception Tagging feature gives you the ability to easily configure what answers to questions will result in an exception tag to appear.

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Here’s how some of our customers use Exception Tagging:

Tag hazardous conditions and review additional information about the issues

Create questions in your work orders that ask your user to identify hazardous conditions. If the user answers yes, that hazardous conditions are present, the order will be tagged as an exception when the user marks the work order as complete.


Create exception questions that identify hazardous conditions

Now when your managers are reviewing work that has been completed they can quickly see the work that has been tagged. You can also have additional conditional questions triggered by the exception to allow more detailed information to be captured. Learn more about Conditional Logic


Review exception details in tagged work

Imagine similar circumstances like asking your field users if they see additional work or emergency repairs that may be needed, Exception Tagging allows you to easily see those cases and address them in a quicker and more efficient way. You can have as many questions that will trigger the exception tag as you like.

Exception tagging is visible in your project list view, which can be sorted by exception so they are shown at the top, and included in Advanced Search. Learn more about Advanced Search.

Use Advanced Search to quickly sort work with Exceptions

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