Photo Flagging

Did you know you can review all the photos captured from the field and only select some of them to print on your PDF reports? Using our Photo Flagging feature, you do not need to delete the images themselves to create a beautiful report.

FotoNotes’ flexibility makes it easy to capture and collect images in different categories, all in one easy to use mobile form. Sometimes this may leave you with more images than you need in your report. Our Photo Flagging feature can be used to help you create multiple types of reports from one work order. You can easily select photos to filter into your reports. Learn more about Photo Flagging.

Examples of how you may use Photo Flagging:

Filter photos of work or repairs needed at a project:

If you are sending your field user out to assess or inspect a property and want to provide your client with a final report of work needed, Photo Flagging can help.

After reviewing the completed work from your field user, you can go through and flag the photos that show work needed. Now you have a clean and precise report to present to your client and a quick and easy way to note immediate repairs needed. 

Click the Flag photo checkbox

Flag photos showing before, during or after completed work at a property:

When your users are instructed to take pictures before, during and/or after they perform work in the field, you can use Photo Flagging to generate different types of reports for your client.

By flagging photos of completed repairs or upgrades, you can create a report for your client showing the quality of your finished product. Whether you need to report progress or you want to review the images to ensure only the best photos are included, photo flagging will be a great feature for you.

Include only flagged photos in your report

Create a custom report with with the photos you flag

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