Conditional Fields

Conditional fields for different field conditions!

You may already be using FotoNotes conditional fields to keep your forms shorter or dynamically display questions to your users, but conditional logic allows you to do so much more! Customize any template you have for a work or maintenance order, an inspection, or a service request and add engaging questions that prompt your field user to interact with your customer.

Have you thought about how you can use conditional logic to turn your service calls into sales calls?

Add questions like “Does the customer need any more services?” or “Do you see any additional repairs that are needed?” to your template.  If the answer is yes, have conditional fields that prompt your user to interact with the customer further.  With a little imagination you can come up with questions or additional instructions that can transform your service and fields calls into new sales and revenue opportunities.

The possibilities are endless!

Below are some examples of how you may expand your use of Conditional Logic to capture valuable on site data.

Adding conditional logic to your fields in the template editor is easy.

Capture sales potential at your project site:
Maybe your field user usually finishes a job, captures the client’s signature and is done. What if you prompted your field user to actively communicate with your client and ask questions to determine if there are additional sales opportunities with that client.

You can create questions that continue your relationship with the client. For example: “Is the client interested in any other products or services we provide?” From there you can prompt your field user to gather information like “Would the client like to be contacted by their sales representative” or “When is the best time to follow up with the client.” Learn more about Managing Templates and Conditional Logic.

Your Smart Forms know when to ask more questions.

Note competitor products or services at the project site:
There’s no better way to analyze your competitors by seeing who else your actual clients are using. Creating dynamically driven fields can provide instructions for your field users to identify competitor’s products or services, while also capturing photos of those items, giving you unique insight into your client’s needs and products or services you should be pushing. 

If your field user answers yes to a competitor’s products or services being present, give them instructions like “List all competitors present at job site” or “Describe the competitor's products or services” or “Provide photos of the competitor’s product”. Learn more about Adding New Fields.

Your Smart Forms know when to display more instructions!

Just a few Conditional Logic prompts can transform the way you look at one project site, gathering helpful data for your company’s growth. 

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