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Have you ever needed to send someone out to the field with the results from a prior inspection in hand? Or, have you thought how much easier it would be to use a bid or estimate to create a new work order, or a completion verification report?

Inside your FotoNotes portal is an easy-to-use Duplicate feature. The Duplicate feature has numerous benefits outside of simply copying data.

The Duplicate feature can be quickly located on the right of every project you create. With the Duplicate feature you can copy data from one work order into an identical but new project or copy data from a competed project into an entirely different template. Copying a project with the Duplicate feature will copy all (entered) data including field comments. It will not copy photos or documents. This means you can copy only the data you need in your new project and allow the field user to edit and update it, and you can require new photos be taken.

Learn more about the Duplicate Feature

Click the duplicate icon in the list view.

Some examples of how you might take advantage of the Duplicate feature are:

Copy past inspection results into a new inspection:

If you send someone out into the field to inspect a property or perform similar types of work on a regular basis the Duplicate feature can help! By copying past inspection results into a new inspection you can send your field user out with the information from the last inspection in hand.

This can really save time and eliminate the need for a field employee to re-type the same data every visit. Field users can also change answers or add data on the mobile application as needed. You can then require that new photos be taken so you have a reliable record of compliance showing date, time stamped and GPS located photos. By using the Duplicate feature, your original inspection from the prior visit is not changed.

To do this, you can copy a past completed inspection into the same template type which will create a new inspection. Now, your field user is able to review the prior results and only edit or enter what’s different, as well as take all new photos.

This window pops up when selecting the template and creating the duplicate project.

The duplicated project is now added to your list of work

Copy only some project data in to a new project by using a different template (to note completion or show only completed data for a report):

If you perform estimates, bids or assessments of work prior to sending out people to get the job done you can now use the Duplicate feature to easily create the subsequent work orders, including a final report that shows validation of work that has been done.

The duplicate feature allows you to copy data from one completed project, into a different template as long as the template is in the same type. When you choose a different template, only data from the original project that is in fields with matching field keys will copy over.

For more information on creating templates and field keys visit: Managing Templates

Now, you will have a new project that you can use to note completion or show completed data for a report.

Copy data into a different template.

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