Advanced Search and Saved Views

Looking for work performed by a certain user or incomplete work created over a month ago? All of this information (and more!) can be found by using Advanced Search.

  • A more robust way to search, sort and filter your work across many criteria
  • The creation of Saved Searches which become dashboard views
  • Exporting directly from a Saved Search
  • The ability to add unique fields into your summary export

The Advanced Search tool in FotoNotes allows Portal Admins and Vendor Basic Admins a quick way to search for and organize work throughout your entire database. All searches can be saved. Saved Searches offer you a quick way to see your filtered and sorted groups of work at any time.

You may have noticed our new “Views” icon at the top right of your FotoNotes portal. This is where you will see your lists of Saved Searches. If you are a portal admin you can also access Advanced Search here. This is especially helpful if you do not have the dashboard feature enabled. Learn more about the dashboard feature here: Dashboard Feature

Vendor Basic Admins will also locate the Advanced Search tool here:

Working more efficiently in FotoNotes has never been easier with the Advanced Search and Saved Search tool! Below are some examples of useful searches that you might want to create and save.

Keep track of open work that is not yet completed:
In this example we will look for work that was created last month and is still incomplete. Simply set your Status Criteria to all statuses that represent open work (i.e. “new, “accepted”, etc.) and your Created Criteria to work created “last month”.


Now run your search and save it.

Learn more about how to save a search here: Saving a Search

On a daily basis see multiple types of work that have not yet been started:
Set your Template Criteria to the work you would like to see and set the Status Criteria to “new” or any other status you have set up that indicates work has not been started. You can also set additional criteria like priority and due date.

Now run your search and save it.

To learn more about how to use Advanced Search you can click here: Advanced Search.

You can also always export the results from any Advanced or Saved Search
This feature allows you to painlessly export your data.

Also, when using the summary data export If you happen to need data from any field you created in your template it is easy to add it. Within the export tool you can add your necessary data by adding the field keys that you need, essentially creating your own custom export. Learn More: Advanced Search & Export

Using the power of Saved Advanced Searches and the Enhanced Dashboard you can more productively manage your workflow in FotoNotes!

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