Adding & Editing Fields

1. Once you have created a section you are now able to add fields.

2. Click on the + icon under near the section to add a field.


3. Enter the Field Name, Description (optional), Select a Field Type, Validation Type, Workflow Type, and whether you want the field to be required, admin only, & photos/comments allowed.

  • Check required if the field must be filled in by a user
  • Admin only indicates that the field is only shown to users with Admin access
  • Check Photos allowed if the user is able to attach photos
  • Check Comment allowed if the user is able to add comments to the field
  • Copy this when copying projects: the data in these fields will only be copied over if the user checks the box for copy flagged fields


4. For an explanation on Conditions please refer to this guide.

5. Click Save when done.

6. A new field can be inserted "in line" by clicking on the 3 dots next to the edit icon. You can also make a copy of the field, copy a different field, or delete the field.



The dimensions represent the size of the images sent from the mobile app. It is the longest dimension - height if in portrait mode, width if in landscape mode.

Standard - 640px
Medium - 1024px
High - 2048px
Highest - 4096px

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