Exporting Data

The summary export has a limit of 10,000 results.

1. Click on the Views icon and then "Advanced Search".


2. When you have your search parameters set, click on "Export".


3. You will have the option to do the normal default export or you can uncheck the box to see more options. The default export includes all field data from every field type in all of your templates. Currently the default export has a limit of 6,000 results.



4. A project Summary Data export does not include any field question data, only project level data.


5. You can also select to include Vendor Data in your export. This option is only available for customers who use the Vendor feature. You can also include specific fields with the field keys separated by commas.


6. Using the Include specific fields box, you can can specify fields you want in your export. For example, if you only wanted to export the work order number, the address and the answer to two or three other questions you can now do that by putting the specific field keys, separating each field key with a comma.


7. The status timeline includes the status value, date the status was set, and number of days project was in that status. Click Export after making your selections. The export will save as a CSV file. 



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