The Dashboard shows a complete view of Saved Searches, Favorite Searches, Recent Activities, Company Information, User and Template stats. Please contact a FotoNotes administrator to turn on this premium feature.

1. Admin Views: These are a list of your saved searches. To save a search, go to Advanced Search.

2. My Favorite Views: These are a list of saved searches that you marked as a favorite. Click on the star to favorite a search and un-click the star to remove it from the list.

3. Recent Activities: The last status change is shown here along with the user, date, time, and project name. You can click on the project link to go directly to that project view.

4. Company Information: You can edit your company address directly from the dashboard. Click on the Edit link to make any changes.

5. Users: The number of enabled and disabled users are listed here. You click click on the User link to take you to the create user page.

6. Templates: The dashboard shows you how many enabled and disabled template you have in your web portal. Click on the Templates link to go directly to the create template page.


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