The Dashboard is an overview of your web portal and shows favorite and top views, recent activity, company and contact information, usage regarding active users and templates, and gives you access to the search feature.

1. Company Information & Primary Contact: You can edit your company info and primary contact directly from the dashboard by clicking on the Edit link next to Primary Contact.

2. Account Info: You can edit your user account by clicking on the Edit link.

3. Usage shows your enabled users and templates. You can click on the Users link to take you to your Users page and click on Templates to take you to the template editor.

4. Access the search feature by typing in text from a display line and clicking on the blue search button. You can also just click on the blue search button to take you to the search page.

5. Top Views shows your top and favorite views. To see all of your views click on "See All". To save a view, go to Advanced Search.

6. Recent Activities: The last status change is shown here along with the user, date/time, and project name. You can click on the project link to go directly to that project view.

To go back to the dashboard click on your company logo icon on the top left of the screen.


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