Adding a Summary Section to your Job Cost PDF Report

The job cost report is currently designed to only show the project estimate fields. If you want any text or other types of fields to appear on the Job Cost PDF Report you will need to create fields in a special section. See the examples below.

  1. In the admin portal to go settings>templates and select your template

  2. Add a section to template with section key "project_summary"
  3. After all the costs the fields for the section with key "project_summary" will be displayed. It will display before the photos section
  4. If this section doesn't exist, the report works as it did before
  5. The customer hidden, field user hidden fields will not display if that relevant report role is specified when generating this report

  6. You can add a signature line type or field that will appear in this section if you would like to have a customer sign a printed version of this report. You can hide it from the field user if you do not want them to sign electronically


Report Before Summary Section


Report After Summary Section 






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