Using a Fixed Fee as a Mark Up to the Cost Estimate to Set Up a Fixed Fee Field

  1. In the admin portal to go settings>templates and select your template

  2. Under the section where your “Project Total Estimate” is, create a new field and label is however you wish (i.e. “Our Fee (Mark-Up)”)

  3. Make sure the field type for this field is “Dollar Amount” and Workflow field is “Additional Cost Item”

    Note: If you want to hide the fixed fee from field users or from customers, ensure that “Always Hide from Field User or Customer” is selected. If you wish to hide this from both, the mark up amount will still be calculated but will not show on the user’s views in the app or the PDF report.

  4. Create another field and name it (i.e. “Total for Customer (with fee)”). This is where the revised total will appear.

  5. For field type select “Dollar Amount” and Workflow field select “Project cost with additional total”

    Note: If you would like to hide the total cost with fee from field users select “Always Hide from Field User”. You should also select “Admin Only” to make this field accessible to admin users only. This field is dynamically calculated and should never be manually filled in.

  6. These fields will now show when you create a new project with the template
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