Adding Services Line Items in your Template

1. Once you have service rates set up go to Templates.

2. Create a new template or add fields to an existing template.

3. Click on the three dots and select Cost field for a service



 4. Select the service to add fields for. All of the relevant fields are added to that section for that service.


5. If the service has a "variable rate" of 0, it only adds the fixed cost field. If variable rate is not 0, it adds all three service line item fields. This field will be a dollar field, with the correct field key auto-generated and it is given a workflow field type of Cost Item.

Screen_Shot_2020-02-05_at_11.56.59_AM.png6. If you would like to add a section cost total and project cost total field, you will need to add these fields separately and set the workflows accordingly. The field type must be set to "Dollar Amount".


Note: It is not actually necessary to have the field for fixed and variable rates in the template, the total will still calculate correctly.  They are there to give visibility into those rates.  The client can remove them, hide them and/or make them admin only etc.




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