Read only before a certain date

Purpose: To prevent work from being started too early.


  • Using template admin user will check the “Read only before date” workflow option to enable this feature for specific templates
  • Admin user will create a field in template with any appropriate label “Do not start before", or "work order not editable until” etc. and set workflow field type to "Read-only before date"
  • This should be an admin-only field
  • Admin user can choose to make this a display field on template

Work Order creation

  • Work Order is created via API or manually
  • The "Do not start before date" field is set on work order via API or manually
  • Work Order is assigned to Vendor

• Vendor Admin – Portal

  • Vendor Admin can Accept/Decline and assign at anytime
  • Vendor Admin will see "Do not start before date" when looking at work order either in display field or in template field as per configuration above
  • Before Do not start before date - Vendor Admin can view the work order, assign it, but cannot edit fields, add photos, or modify status
  • After start date - Vendor Admin can edit and complete work order as usual

Vendor Field User - Mobile

  • Vendor field user can Accept/Decline from mobile anytime
  • Before Do not start before date - Field user can view work order, but cannot edit fields, add photos, or modify status
  • After Do not start before date - Field user must sync work orders to get update from server that they can now edit. User can then edit and complete as usual.
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