Automatic Exception Tagging

This feature allows a project to be tagged upon a Complete or Closed status. Please contact a FotoNotes administrator to turn on this premium feature.

1. Turning on Tagging Workflow

  • Go to the Template Editor to turn on this tagging workflow. Check Tag on complete and click Save.

2. Setting Workflow Field

  • Specify the field or fields that trigger exceptions with the Workflow Field. Choose "Exception indicator" and click Save.
  • Exceptions fields must be Boolean fields and they will trigger an exception when answered Yes

3. Setting Workflow State

  • Specify the Complete and/or Closed workflow states on the statuses.

4. Tagging projects

  • The system will tag a project when it receives a status change to Complete or Closed. The tags will appear below the project icon and display fields.


5. Searching Tags

  • Go to Advanced Search and you will see the option to search by tags. Choose the tag in the drop down and click Search.

6. Removing Tags

  • Go to the project and click on the blue x next to the tag. Click on Delete and the tag will be removed.

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