Email Notifications on Complete and/or Cancelled

This feature will send an email notification when a work order is marked Complete and/or Cancelled. Please contact a FotoNotes admin regarding this premium feature.

1. Turning on Workflow notifications

  • Go to the Template Editor to turn on this work flow feature. Check the box for notification on complete and/or cancelled.

2. Setting Workflow States

  • Add the status option of Complete and Cancelled. Set the status to have the workflow state of Complete and Cancelled and click Save.

3. Who receives the notification?

  • The assigned user, regardless of their role. Managers and customers assigned to the project.
  •  Anyone that the order is shared with will receive the notification unless the user's flag is off.
  • If assigned to a vendor, the vendor admin and any users they have assigned or shared with
  • The email address specified as the "custom email address to receive notifications" in the Admin>Settings

4. How to turn off email notifications per user.




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