How to Copy a Project

This feature allows Admin users and users with Admin rights to copy a project from the project list view.

1. Hover your mouse over the right side of the project you want to copy and 3 horizontal dots will appear. Click on the dots and a drop down will appear. Click on "Duplicate".


2. You can use the same template or choose a different template


3. If you use a different template, you have the ability to filter the templates by type and then choose the template. Only fields with matching field keys will be copied.


4. If you only want specified fields copied over that were set in the template, check "Only copy fields that have copy flag checked.

5. Click the create copy button and a new project is created, using the template selected

  • A new project is created and the fields values from the original project are copied into the new project
  • If a different template is selected, fields with field keys that match the original will be copied.
  • Photos and Documents are not copied over.
  • User is taken to the project page for the new project

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