Setting up Accept/Decline and Complete Workflow

This feature allows users to accept or decline a work order and to mark it complete with the click of a button when all required fields are filled in. Here is how to get it set up.

1. Set the Workflow type on the template

  • Edit the top level information on the template and click the Require accept/decline check box and the Prompt to complete check box under Workflow Types


2. Set up the Status Options

  • Make sure you have at least 4 status options. For example, statuses with name/values of New/NEW, Accepted/ACCEPTED, Declined/COMPLETE_DECLINED AND Complete/COMPLETE
  • Both the ACCEPT and DECLINED statuses cannot be hidden from the field user

3. Set the Workflow State

  • Click on the blue edit icon next to the status of New
  • Set the Workflow State to New which is the state that displays the Accept/Decline buttons.
  • Set the Workflow State of the Accepted status Accepted.  This will be the status if the user accepts
  • Set the Workflow State of the Declined status Declined.  This will be the status if the user declines
  • Set the Workflow State of the Completed status to Completed.  This will be the status when the user marks the project complete.
  • Note: the statuses can have have any name you like. You could choose to rename Accepted to In Progress.

4. Add a field for Decline Comment

  • Add a new text field in any section of your template called "Declined Comment" and choose the workflow field "Declined Comment". This field cannot be hidden from a field user. We suggest you make the field Admin Only.
  • The user will be prompted to enter a comment when they decline.  That comment will sit in this field.


5. Field Users and Vendors

  • Field users or "vendors" using the web portal and/or FotoNotes on iOS and Android will see the workflow.


  • When declining you will be prompted to enter a reason. This ends up in the declined comment field. After declining, the status cannot be changed by the field user. On mobile if the declined status contains COMPLETE, it will disappear from the phone


  • If a field user Accepts the work order, they cannot change the status back to Declined
  • If a field user Completes the work order, they cannot change the status

6. Viewing Declined Comments in the Activity Log

  • When a user adds a decline comment via web portal or mobile, an entry gets added to the activity log that says "Declined comment:" followed by the decline comment.


7. Re-assigning Declined Projects

  • For projects that get declined you can change the status to assigned and the declined comment will be cleared from the project



Have additional questions?  Please contact us at and we'd be happy to answer them.

The accept/decline feature is a premium feature. If you do not see the features described above in your portal. Please contact us at and we can discuss options.



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