Adding and Connecting Vendors

If you would like to send a customized email when adding a new vendor please view this guide on how to do so before adding a vendor. Note:  if you enter customized text, you will need to save it, log out of your portal and log back in before following the steps below.

1. Go to Admin>Vendors.

2. If you see the Vendor company in your list, but it is not connected just skip to step 5.

3. Click on "Add A Vendor".

4. Enter the Vendor's Name, Contact Name, and E-mail. The phone number and address information is optional. Click "Add Vendor" when done.


5. Click on "Connect to Vendor".


6. Edit the vendor's username and email if needed. We recommend using an email address for the Vendor username. Usernames cannot be duplicated across all of FotoNotes, so if you have a user who has already been in FotoNotes with their email address, then that user will need to have a unique identifier in their username (such as adding the company name in or initials, etc.)

"Copying views from vendor with vendor key of": This features allows you to copy the views from a vendor that has the vendor key set up. Enter the vendor key and the new vendor will have views copied from that existing vendor.


7. Click "Send Invitation". An email will be sent to the Vendor to connect on FotoNotes. This email can be customized as mentioned previously. Once they accept the invitation you will be able to assign items to them in FotoNotes.

8. Once a Vendor is connected, you will see them appear underneath your regular users and have a business icon next to them. 

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