Batch Reports

1. From the project view page, select the projects that you wish to generate batch reports for by clicking on the box to the left of the project. If you wish to select all projects, click the "select all" box to the left of "Title and Description". Click on the "More" icon at the top.


2. Select "Batch Export PDF's".Screen_Shot_2019-06-05_at_11.09.12_AM.png

3. Select the report from the dropdown. Choose a user role, Admin, Customer, or Field User and select if you would like to include ALL photos, unflagged photos only or flagged photos only. Enter an optional field key to use in the report filename and select if you want timestamps on the photos. Click on "Start Export".


4. Go to Admin gear in the top right then select Batch Reports.


5. Find the most recent export and click on "Zip File".



6. Click on download and either open the file or save it to your computer.






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