How to Sync & Sync Status

1. Check the sync icon on the project list page to see if it's spinning which means it's syncing to the cloud.



2. A sync icon will also appear on the project to inform you of the status. A green spinning icon means it's syncing to the cloud A yellow icon means it's pending. A red exclamation icon means there is an error. 




3. If you see a red icon, on the project press the icon and you will see what the issue is. Usually this error is related to the project being re-assigned to a different user. You will need to contact your administrator to have them assign the project back to you to finish syncing. 



4. Check your Sync Status by going to the Settings Menu at the top left and tap on Sync Status.




5. The sync status gives you information about what type of connection you have (wifi/4G/etc.), how many projects, and the number of media and fields that need to be synced.



6. When syncing is complete you will see Projects, Media, and Fields at 0. If you need to start syncing you can click on the "Start syncing now" link to initiate a sync.


7. Tapping on "Issues Syncing" will take you to this syncing guide. If your sync seems like it is stuck, please try to quit and restart your app.


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