How to Sync

1. Check the sync icon on the project list page to see if it's spinning which means it's syncing to our server.


2. The sync is complete once the sync icon has stopped spinning and it is a BLUE circle.


3. If it's RED, press it and it will start to sync (spin) if there is an internet connection. WARNING: Do NOT log out when the sync icon is red. You WILL lose data and photos that have not been synced.



 4. Check your Sync Status by going to the Settings Menu at the top left.

5. The sync status gives you information about what type of connection you have (wifi/4G/etc.), how many projects, and the number of data/photos need to be synced.

6. When syncing is complete you will see the complete message and 0 projects and media. If you need to start syncing you can click on the "start syncing now" link to initiate a sync.

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