Creating Users, User Roles & User Tags

FotoNotes usernames must be unique across all of our customer base.  Therefore, we recommend using an email address for the usernames you create for your various users. If you have a user who has already been in FotoNotes and you try to add them with the same username you will get an error message.  If you do not want to use their email address as their username, another recommendation is that you have a unique identifier in the username (such as adding the company name in or initials, etc.).  The email address that is set below the display name in the user record does not have to be unique, only the username itself has to be unique across all of FotoNotes.

1. Admin users can create new users by clicking the “Admin” gear in the top right corner of their portal (web app).

2. Click "Users" in the drop down menu 


3. Click "Create New User"



4. Choose a unique username. We recommend using an email address for the username.


5. Choose the role of the user.

  • Portal Admin: Has access to all features.
  • Managers: No access to Company, Settings, Templates, or Adding Users with Manager or Portal Admin roles.
  • Field Users: Has access to Changing Statuses, Search/Sort/Filter Work, Can see customer hidden fields and documents.
  • Customers: Has access to Changing Statuses, Search/Sort/Filter Work, Can see field user hidden fields and documents.

Click here for detailed description of the user roles and permissions.


7. If you would like to email your new user their log in credentials, check the box. Once all required fields are filled in, click Create.


8. This is the email that will be sent to your users.


9. After you click Create, a Copy views configuration module will appear. If you would like to copy an existing user's view configuration to the new user, select the User whose view configuration you would like to copy. You can search by typing the user's display name in the search box. Click Copy Views at the bottom.



10. The new user has been created and the view configuration has been copied.

11. If you do not wish to copy any views click Skip this Step.


12.  After your user is created, you can click on the username to edit any information in the user record or to add information in the tag field, which can be used for storing any sort of additional data (like company name).


Go to Disabling and Deleting Users

Adding Vendors

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