Generating Reports

1.  Click on the project for which you want to generate a report and click on the "Reports" icon on the top right.


2. Select the type of report you want to generate from the drop down menu


3. Select the user role (Admin, Field User, or Customer). The Admin report will display everything including hidden customer and field user fields. The customer report will not display hidden customer fields. The field user report will not display hidden field user fields.


4. You also have the option to include and only include unflagged and flagged photos. If you want to include timestamp photos then check the box. Click on Create Report.

5. PDF Report Names are based on the display lines of the project. 

Note: The PDF Report titled "Printable Form" does not display all data. This report creates an empty paper form that can be filled out in the field. Data in "Admin Only" fields and "Long text" field types will display in the report. Admin only fields can be used for informational fields, like address or customer name, and long text fields can be used for instructions.

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