Adding Signatures to Contactless Self-Inspections

Signatures are a field type in FotoNotes and can be added to your contactless self-inspection template, allowing your resident to provide a signature when completing a contactless self-inspection.

  1. Add the signature field to a section in your contactless self-inspection template. Click the plus sign to add a new field. For field type choose “Signature” and enter all other required information, like field name. Click save. For more on template editing and adding fields see: Managing TemplatesAdding Fields


  1. When you are done editing your template and have tested it, click the blue publish button.
  2. The resident will see the Signature field in whatever section you added it to. They will click the “Add Signature” button to add their signature in the box.


  1. To add the signature they will use their finger to draw their signature in the box. They can click “Clear” if they need to redo their signature or click “Save” to save the signature.


  1. The resident can go back into the signature box by clicking “Change Signature”. They can delete the signature by clicking the trash can icon.


  1. When you are reviewing the complete inspection, the signature will display in the box with a timestamp below it. 


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