Batch Send Contactless Self-Inspections

Batch sending contactless self-inspections allows you to set up multiple contactless self-inspections and send them at one time. Before batch sending a contactless self-inspection, you must have the inspection created and have entered all required information (resident name, email). For more information on required information when creating a contactless self-inspection see: How to Create and Send a Contactless Inspection

  1. Go to the list view page in the web app and select the inspections you want to batch send. *If you are selecting all inspections on the page click the small box to the left of Title & Description to select all.


  1. Click on “More...” and select “Batch Send to Recipients”.


  1. Select if you would like to Send Reminder Emails and click “Send Emails”. Residents will now receive the contactless self-inspection in their email.





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