Viewing Project Containers

FotoNotes – Viewing Project Containers on Mobile when allowing users to create new work that is to be attached to the “parent” project container

*FotoNotes must enable this feature before you can use it
Currently this will only work as described on iOS

Please follow these steps to set up a Project Container and assign it a field user (and/or share with multiple users).

 1. Create a new Project under the “Project” type. Fill in any project details as you normally would. 


2. Assign the Project to the main field user responsible for the project. You can only assign one field user to   the project container. Note:  You can add more users later see below.

If you need multiple users within the project container, you will need to use the “share” feature to give them permission as follows:

  • To share a Project Container, open the project and select the “share” button


  • Select each additional field user from the drop down menu, “Edit” as their permission level and select “add”. Note:  You will add them one at a time. These users will now have access to project and will be able to create work automatically associated with this project, from their mobile device.

3. When the field user logs in on mobile, they will see their projects under the “Project List” view.

4. To start working within a project, they click on the project, and they will see the available “types” of work for them to create within the Project Container. These "types" will appear to whatever names you have given them. "Proposals' and 'Progress Reports" shown below are examples.


5. To add a new “Progress Report” (Progress Reports is an example) they will click select the appropriate type, then select the “+” in the top right to choose the correct template.


6. As long as the user is connected to cellular data or WiFi, the project properties should carry through to the newly created “progress report”.  Even if they are not connected online, once they do connect (and sync), you will see the progress report under the appropriate project in the portal, as well as on mobile.

7. As the users have been assigned work, and have created work in the field, they can filter through projects and their work orders as follows:

  • When the field user logs in on mobile they can filter their work by selecting “…” in the top right.

  • The “Project List’ view will show all Project Containers that have been assigned to or shared with the user. They can click through each Project Container to see individual work orders. See below


  • Work List- Will show the user all of their work orders, both those assigned under a Property Container and those that are not. See below


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