How to add and populate a Coverage Area field

FotoNotes coverage area feature allows you to set coverage areas in a Vendor’s record and also assign work based on coverage area.

1. To use the coverage area feature you must have Vendors who have coverages areas in their vendor record.

To add coverage areas to the vendor record, Go to Admin>Vendors, click on the vendor company and edit the company information. Add the coverage area in the format of comma separated markets, like states, cities (DFW,SAT) zip codes, or counties. Click save when done.

More on editing vendors here:


2. Add a field to your templates that has a workflow type of: coverage age.

    • In your templates you should add a new text field that has a workflow type of: coverage area. You could also make this a selection field with the selection options being your active markets/coverage areas, but the user will not be able to select multiple areas.
      For more information on editing templates:
    • Also make sure the template has an address field so it can be geocoded.
    • The field should be named something like Market or Coverage Area
    • The field key should be something like: coverage_area *It is important that the field key for this field match in all templates. This is especially important if you are using property containers as it will ensure that the coverage area information copies from the property to any work attached to the property.
    • Because coverage area fields are usually set by a Portal Admin or Manager, we recommend that the field have settings of Admin Only and Hidden from Field User. Again, those settings should be the same for that field in all templates.



3. After all templates have been edited to include the new coverage area field and have been published new work can be created.

4. Going forward, a Portal Admin or Manager (or API if that is being used) will need to populate the Coverage Area field with the correct Coverage Area(s). If the Coverage Area(s) is entered in the Coverage Area field of the Property record it will copy down to any work attached to the property.

5. Keep in mind that the Coverage Area(s) in the coverage area field must exactly match the spelling and format of the Coverage Area(s) listed in the Vendor Records. If more than one coverage area is being used separate them with a comma but no space, i.e. DFW,SAT



6. Once a coverage area(s) has been entered a portal admin or manager can assign the work to a vendor in that coverage area(s) by clicking on the Vendor search button next to the Assigned dropdown. In the Find By dropdown box select Coverage Area. Vendor(s) in that coverage(s) will appear. To select and assign the work to the vendor simply click on their name in blue.


































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