Assign work with coverage areas

FotoNotes can now use a coverage area when assigning work to vendor.

1. Go to Admin>Vendors, click on the vendor company and edit the company information. Add the coverage area in the format of comma separated states (CA,FL, PA), zip codes, or counties. Click save when done.


 2. Go to the template editor, select a template, and add a new text field with workflow field type of "Coverage Area". Also make sure the template has an address field so it can be geocoded.


3. Create a new project from the template, fill in the address and put in a zip code/state/county into the the coverage area field. Click on geocode and refresh your browser and then you will now see the find vendors icon next to the assigned to area.


4. After clicking on the find vendors icon, the vendors box will pop up. Select find by "Coverage Area". All of the vendors in the coverage area will appear.



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