User Roles & Permissions

When setting up users in FotoNotes it’s important to choose the best user role. The information below will assist you in selecting the most appropriate role for your new user. 

For a full list of permissions and capabilities for each user role please view this PDF: User Roles & Permissions.

To learn how to set up a new user visit: Adding Users


Portal Admin

The portal admin has access to all features and settings in your FotoNotes portal. They can create and manage users, work, templates, and more.  Portal admins can see all work created in the FotoNotes portal.

For example, Portal admins may be supervisors who manage the configuration of FotoNotes and are performing a high-level review of work.  

Admin users will most often use the web app portal and rarely need to utilize the mobile app.

We highly recommend that you only have one or two portal admins as they do have the highest level of permissions. 

Review a full list of Portal Admin permissions here



Manager users can create and assign work, as well as create field and customer users. Managers cannot edit FotoNotes settings or templates.

Managers can see all work created in the portal unless they are restricted to only viewing by type.  However, they can always see all work of any type that they have permission to view.

For example, you may create a Manager user for anyone who is overseeing the day-to-day operation of FotoNotes. This may include creating new work, assigning work to a field user and setting a due date. Managers can also assist with organizing work by creating saved views, i.e. “Work Completed This Week”.

Review a full list of Manager permissions here


Field User

Field users only have access to work that has been assigned to them. They can also see saved views if the permission is set to “everyone” or if they create their own “private” view. Field users can only view (not edit) “admin only” fields and cannot see any fields “hidden from field user”

For example, a field user may be an inspector who needs to complete various inspections you have assigned to them. They will log in to the FotoNotes mobile app to access and complete their work as a field user.

Review a full list of Field User permissions here



Customer users can be assigned work to review in a read only state. They have very limited access in the FotoNotes system but can change statuses (depending on the settings in your templates) and review photos and reports of work assigned to them.  They can also create a PDF report in the “customer view”.

For example, a Customer user may be the owner of a property who you would like to give access to FotoNotes to review a completed inspection of their home. You can hide information/fields from them by making those fields “hidden from customer” .

Review a full list of Customer permissions here

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