Photo Manager


1. From the project view page, click on the photo manager icon in the top right corner. The number in the purple circle tells you how many photos you have in this project.


2. Hover your mouse to the right side of the photos and an Edit button will appear. 


3. Click on Edit to perform various tasks, such as flagging, unflagging, move, and delete. Click on the photo you want to edit and then choose to flag, unflag, move, or delete.


4. You can drag and drop a photo to reorder within a field. The new order gets saved when clicking "Done".


5. If you want to move photos to a different field, select a photo and click "Move". You can then select the field you wish to move the photo to.


6. On the right side of the photo manager, you have the ability to edit photos individually. You can flag photos, edit photos, download, archive, and delete. 


7. To exit out of the photo manager, click on the X to the top right of the photo.


8. To locate the thumbnail for the currently displayed photo - click the “Target” button at top of thumbnail view and it will scroll to the current photo.


 9. To download the image zip file, click on the download icon. 


10. Choose which photos you want to download and select the various features. Click on "Create Zip File". 


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