Sub-Assigning Work to a Field User

1. You have the ability to bulk assign work orders to a field user or assign each work order individually. To bulk assign, select the check boxes to the left of the work orders that you want to assign. Click on the "Assign" box.


2. Select the field user and click "Apply".  


3. To assign a work order individually. Open the new work order. *You may be prompted to Accept or Decline the work. If so, click Accept to assign the work to a field user.


4. Click the “Assigned” drop down and select the field user you would like to assign the work to. Click "Apply".


5. Now that you have sub-assigned the work, have your workers download the mobile app on iOS or Android. They can log in with their new username and will see the work that you just assigned to them.

Please have them review our mobile guides so that they learn how to use FotoNotes properly.

If you have issues relating to work assigned to you please contact your client directly. Contact FotoNotes only for technical issues related to our web and mobile apps.


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